Are you a highly sensitive woman who loves animals and our beautiful Mother Earth?

If this is you, listen up!

YOU are so needed. You have been put here on Earth for a reason and now is the time to step into that sacred mission. I invite you to become the visionary vegan woman you were always meant to be by participating in this groundbreaking online global event, where you will have the opportunity to learn from 25 women pioneers as they share with us how they paved way for the radically compassionate world we all have been dreaming of.

Each interview is a masterclass of its own, where you can expect to learn precisely how to overcome fears, challenges and limiting beliefs in order to steps into your greatness as an animal activist, advo-preneur and thought-leader in your field. The animal liberation movement is growing by leaps and bounds every day and if you know you are ready to discover your own unique contribution to make a positive difference for the animals in a BIG yet highly sustainable way, then you won’t want to miss this unforgettable event! And because it is all aired for free online, you get to sit back with a cup of tea and relax as you take in the potent, healing wisdom offered within this sacred container.




Do you feel like you would do anything it took to help those beings who are suffering and in need?

Are your daydreams filled with visions of being a thought-leader, revolutionary or change agent in assisting the collective healing of Mother Earth but somehow each day leaves you feeling hopeless and unfulfilled because you haven’t taken action towards your greatest desires?

Does your heart call you to make changes in your life that you know would make a huge impact on all that you hold dear, yet time and time again you dissuade yourself from making those shifts?

Do you ever become so consumed with fear, self-doubt or worry that you don’t take action on what you know would be a supreme choice for yourself and for all beings?

Do you often feel like there’s so much suffering in the world that you end up buying into the illusion that there is nothing you can do that would change the current state of affairs (like saying to yourself, “oh, what difference will buying this one dairy ice cream make?”)

Do you get consumed by old patterns of belief and conditioning that tell you that you aren’t worthy of creating the life of your dreams—a life that actively and intentionally seeds the light of awakening, reinstates the power of the feminine and brings compassion and reverence for Life to the forefront of everything you do?

I know how you feel, sister.

If this is you, you have come to the right place. My name is Kate and I created this summit because I was once right where you are now. I felt disempowered. I felt overwhelmed. I felt there was no space in the world of animal and environmental activism for someone like me. I felt too meek. Too sensitive. Too distraught by what was going on around me to take powerful, decisive action. Too scared to speak my truth. I bought into my disempowering beliefs and made choices that did not support my wellbeing or my true core values, thus contributing to the indescribable suffering that is happening behind closed doors all over the world. But there came a day where I chose to stop turning away from the TRUTH and instead to commit to what my heart knew was right.

If you are ready to stop following the unconscious and deeply detrimental denial of the masses and finally take flight as the animal lover and animal liberation advocate you came here to be, come on over and take your seat next to thousands of other women who are at the same crossroads as you. Once you decide to commit to making life-affirming choices for yourself, others and the planet, you are sure to set off on a whole new trajectory in life: one that is filled with grace, blessings and the deep sense of fulfillment that comes hand in hand with truly living “on purpose.”

Are you ready?




In this groundbreaking online global event, you will:

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition to connect with why you are here and the unique contribution and gifts only YOU can bring to the world of animal rights and environmental activism.

  • Uncover the specific blocks that have been holding you back from answering the call of your soul and learn the powerful steps you can take to overcome them.

  • Learn how to use the power of agency to transform your life for the best.

  • Understand why being a “highly sensitive,” empathic woman is your superpower, not a weakness.

  • Discover how to gain back confidence, courage and strength to pursue your calling after tragedy and/or sexual trauma.

  • Learn how making compassionate choices and committing to a vegan lifestyle can lead to a radical INNER transformation.

  • Come to understand the importance of self-liberation as the way to usher in total global liberation, transformation and healing.

  • Find out how to raise your own vibration by aligning with your true self, nourishing your deepest desires and taking action on what your heart has always been whispering to you to do.

  • Learn to quiet the voice of the inner critic(s) and move forward. No. Matter. What. 

  • Discover the key reasons why self-care is so crucial if you want to help the animals and Mother Earth.

  • Learn holistic ways of living and eating that will transform your health and bring whole new levels of vitality, energy and radiance to your life.

  • Learn to embrace the aspects of you that you have been conditioned to resist (your shadow) to unify your whole self and become a powerhouse when taking a stand for what you believe in. 

  • Learn how to tap into your inner resources to speak up for what you know is true and to be the “voice for the voiceless.”

  • Feel peace and comfort in knowing that the reason why you have always felt like an outsider looking in is actually a big clue to your purpose and a great reminder that you are here to make a HUGE difference in the world.

  • Gain a sense of clarity and hope as you begin to make choices that empower you, your family, your community and the world.



Meet our panel of brilliant speakers:

Kate circle.png

Kate Ballo (your host)

Ellie Circle.png

Ellie Laks

Austyn Wells Circle.png

Austyn Wells

Dr May Circle.png

Armaiti May

LaurenToyota circle.png

Lauren Toyota

Sara Oakley circle.png

Sara Oakley

Kathryn Gillespie circle.png

Kathryn Gillespie

Aysha circle.png

Aysha Akhtar

Anna Ferguson Circle.png

Anna Ferguson

Sarina Farb circle.png

Sarina Farb

JoAnn Farb circle.png

JoAnn Farb

Kristen circle.png

Kristen Pound

Lisa Levinson circle.png

Lisa Levinson

Laura Sainz circle.png

Laura Sainz

Kathleen Prasad circle.png

Kathleen Prasad

Judy Carman circle.png

Judy Carman

Ruby Roth circle.png

Ruby Roth

sophie circle.png

Sophie Jane Mortimer

joan circle.png

Joan Ranquest

Aryenish circle.png

Aryenish Birdie

Charlotte circle.png

Charlotte Cressey

Dr. Melanie Joy circle.png

Melanie Joy

Koya circle.png

Koya Webb

2019 headshot hi res.png

Victoria Moran

Stephanie circle.png

Stephanie Redcross

Leah circle.png

Leah Garces


If you are ready to make the changes you have always quietly known were not in alignment with your highest self, JOIN US TODAY.

If you don’t want to contribute to the suffering, exploitation and needless deaths of trillions (yes, trillions) of animals worldwide, register right now to become part of a tribe of women who are just like you and who are also ready to commit to seeding the light of Love and Awakened Consciousness with every word they speak, action they take and choice they make.


Join the movement today to become a Visionary Vegan Woman and step into your right role as the fierce yet compassionate stewardess of Life.

Let the light of who you authentically are grow brighter than any lingering fear or doubt, illuminating the way on your personal path to purpose, passion and power.

Here are some of the topics our speakers will present:

Joan Ranquet: How Animal Communication Helps Save the Planet

Ellie Laks: Redefining Feminine Power & Spiritual Destiny To Create Heaven on Earth

Dr. Melanie Joy: Developing Healthier Ways of Relating for A Better World For All Beings

Dr. Armaiti May: Protecting You & Your Pet’s Health While Protecting Fellow Earthlings

Lauren Toyota: Manifest Your Life

Anna Ferguson: The Inner & Outer Sustainability of Activism

Kathryn Gillespie: Witnessing The Lives Of Animals In Dairy Production

Dr. Aysha Akhtar: Our Symphony With Animals ~ Why Empathy for Animals is Vital To Our Well-Being

Austyn Wells: Soul-Centered Living

Judy Carman: Becoming Homo Ahimsa: The Arising of the Divine Feminine in Human Hearts

JoAnn & Sarina Farb: How Raising Vegan Children Can Help Heal Our World

Sara Oakley: Finding Purpose After Tragedy

Ruby Roth: The Transformative Power of Personal Agency

Kristen Pound: Eco-Conscious Living and Raising Your Vibration By Aligning With Your True Self

Lisa Levinson: Stepping Into Your Power: Inner & Outer Resources for Vegan Advocacy

Stephanie Redcross: Creating A Sustainable Vegan Business

Kathleen Prasad: Five Ways Meditation Will Transform The Way You See Animals

Laura Christine Sainz: How To Live Vegan Vibrantly

Koya Webb: Let Your Fears Make Your Fierce

Aryenish Birdie: Meet The Woman Who Is Making The Animal Protection Movement More Racially Equitable & Inclusive

Charlotte Cressey: Embody Love: The Vegan Path for Personal and Planetary Transformation

Let this GROUNDBREAKING ONLINE GLOBAL EVENT and these rare interviews filled with healing wisdom, be the catalyst in your Great Remembering.



The time has come for you to remember the truth of who you always were, to peel back the layers of cultural conditioning that have desensitized you, pulling you away from the Starseed of Light that lies within.

This incandescent pearl of Light contains the blueprint of what you—only YOU—were meant to do. It is now time to unearth your sacred medicine and assist in the healing of the world.


it is TRuly an honor to be a part of your personal transformation…

Hi, I’m Kate and I am thrilled to be your host for this ground-breaking online global event. When you join this important conversation, you also join forces with women who, like you, know they are here to change the future for animals and the Earth as we know it. It’s time to step into your greatness, Goddess!

Meet Kate, your host and creatress of Visionary Vegan Woman:

As a self-proclaimed animal lover for my whole life, 4 years ago I decided to go vegan and finally commit to a lifestyle that aligned with my core values and the truth of who I have always been. The radical inner and outer transformations and the sense of freedom that ensued were unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The fire and passion I had lacked before taking the plunge into the vegan lifestyle was now ignited. I felt unstoppable. I felt I had FINALLY touched into the precious reason I was created in this lifetime—I knew what my Sacred Medicine was now and I was ready to get visible, speak up and share my message with the world. But the story doesn’t end there. It hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows. Despite the newborn fierceness I felt deep within to help animals in need, I had to face a lot of fears and doubts that I had been carrying around for lifetimes. So I got to work. I did things that scared me to the bone and that required me to get really uncomfortable (like saying YES to creating and producing this very event!). But when you feel the fear and take the actions that are in alignment with who you came to Earth to be, the Universe bends for you. Creates miracles for you. So here I am, with an offering that was a co-creation between my soul, my allies on the earthly realm and my sacred allies in spirit. My greatest hope is that the conversations your hear here will inspire your animal advocacy to soar to new levels and that you feel ready to step into your right role as leader, priestess, and change agent for the New Earth. The animals and Gaia thank you for your sacred work.